How to use Ozeki Chat on Android

This guide helps you setup the Ozeki Chat client on an Android Mobile phone. It shows you that you need to login to the website, and you need to add the Ozeki Chat app. You will also see how you can add a friend and initiate a chat session.

Ozeki Chat video tutorial

Check out the following video to see the steps

Step by step guide to setting up Ozeki Chat

The following screenshots demonstrate the steps needed to perform to get Ozeki Chat working on your Android mobile phone.

Sign in to MyOzeki
Figure 1 - Sign in to MyOzeki

Myozeki login
Figure 2 - Myozeki login

Download android application
Figure 3 - Download Android application

Install Android application
Figure 4 - Install Android application

Open the application
Figure 5 - Open the application

MyOzeki login
Figure 6 - MyOzeki login

Select Install service option
Figure 7 - Select Install service option

Install chat service
Figure 8 - Install chat service

Open chat service
Figure 9 - Open chat service

Add chat friend
Figure 10 - Add chat friend

Search friend and add
Figure 11 - Search friend and add

Select chat partner
Figure 12 - Select chat partner

Chat conversation
Figure 13 - Chat conversation