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How to save all SMS messages into a CSV

This guide gives you the steps to take to save all SMS messages going through your system into a CSV text file. This file can be later loaded into Microsoft Excel, WPS Office or any other spreadsheep application.

The reporting system can save messages going through the system into different sources, such as databases, txt files, etc. One of the most popular choice is using CSV files to save a log of each message. You are able to open reporting system from the Edit menu Reporting option as you can see it on the Figure 1.

open reporting menu
Figure 1 - Open reporting menu

In the Reporting menu click on the Create new SMS Reporter button and than select Csv reporting type (Figure 2).

add csv reporter
Figure 2 - Add Csv reporter

The details page of the Csv reporter allows you to configure the file location and when will be created an independent .csv file for the selected period by the SMS Gateway. The separator character used to separate items in the list (Figure 3).

configure csv reporter
Figure 3 - Configure Csv reporter

From the Admin user you can send SMS message. Provide the recipient address, the message and click on the OK button (Figure 4).

send messages
Figure 4 - Send Messages

Now in the folder what you set in the Csv reporter details page you can see the .csv text file is created. The default folder is C:\Ozeki (Figure 5).

csv file in folder
Figure 5 - Csv file in folder

Finally if you are open the .csv text file you can see that all the sent and received sms messages are stored as the Figure 6 shows. This file can be later loaded into Microsoft Excel, WPS Office or any other spreadsheep application.

csv file content
Figure 6 - Csv file content

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