SMS Developers Guide - SMS APIs

The Ozeki SMS Gateway allows for sms developers to use sms api software for short message sending and receiving. You can use it to integrate and quickly deploy SMS messaging solutions. It can operate in your server computer, or you can install it on your customers' or suppliers' system. Save time and money and use the most popular SMS gateway software in the world.

The Ozeki SMS Gateway is a developer friendly software platform. This page is designed to help software developers, IT and Business leaders and solution designers to better understand the SMS technology and SMS developer tools offered by Ozeki. Add communication capabilities to your products with Ozeki ready-to-integrate SMS APIs to send and receive SMS messages. In addition to sending and receiving, it also makes it possible to handle delivery reports and manage delivery times.

Send out hundreds of thousands of text messages automatically with ease. SMS automation enables you to plan and execute surveys, notifications and campaigns or simply send alerts and reminders. You can also integrate SMS messaging into your workflow using these SMS APIs or send out SMS marketing campaigns in the ozeki sms marketing system.

The OZEKI SMS gateway will give you powerful developer tools needed to build great applications. You can connect your systems to Ozeki SMS using HTTP, or a database or using our C#.NET, Visual Basic.NET examples. If you are looking for developer api SMS Gateway you are in a right place.

What is an SMS API?

An SMS API is a standard Application Programming Interface for software developers to make SMS sending and receiving possible.

How does SMS API work?

The SMS API integration makes it possible for different business platforms (CRM, e-commerce, webbased applications or else ) to send and receive short messages. The SMS API is a two-way communication API for connecting automated software solutions and customers together.

sms from or to database
SMS from/to Database
This is a helpful guide, so you can easily connect Ozeki SMS Gateway and a selected database server. Follow the steps in this guide to learn how to send or receive SMS messages from a database application. A widely used method can help you to achieve this by inserting or reading data from the tables. You can also find easy configuration steps in this tutorial.
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http sms api
Ozeki introduced a new HTTP SMS API in Ozeki SMS Gateway to address the requirements of the SMS software developer community. This new HTTP SMS API provides more features, flexibility and simplicity compared to previous versions. It was designed to help developers in productivity and to be able to add SMS functionality to any project.
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php sms api
PHP developers can use PHS SMS API to add SMS functionality to their website. In a few lines of code, your PHP application can send, receive, and reply to text messages with Ozeki SMS API. This tutorial shows you how to use Ozeki SMS Gateway's PHP SMS API. It will take you less then an hour to integrate the solution that can send and receive messages from a MySQL database.
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c# sms api
Your C# application can connect to a Standard User or any other user created in Ozeki SMS Gateway. You can easily prepare your C# codes to send or receive SMS messages through SMS Gateway. Below you can download source codes for two C#.NET SMS demo projects which demonstrates how easy it is to connect C# with Ozeki SMS Gateway.
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See how to send and receive SMS messages by using your Visual Basic.NET applications. It is a great choice to communicate with your clients or employees with simple text messages. Choose which is the best method for your system by downloading a database and a HTTP API example.
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programming apis
Programming APIs
On this site we provide software developers user-friendly tutorials, who wish to send or receive SMS messages using a specific programming language. From C# tutorial to Javasrcipt tutorial, you can find a wide variety of programming languages. The site is helpful for both beginners and well experienced developers. Visit the website and choose which method works for you the best.
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use cases
Use cases
On this website you can read more about Postman and Chatbot. Both of them are essential tools for developers. With the help of Postman you can build, test, and document APIs, supporting various formats and methods. Chatbots on the other hand can automatize your communication and deliver rapid responses to customer inquiries. Choose the use case that works for you the best.
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