SMPP user authentication

This page lists the available options that you can use to authenticate your users or employees. By managing the authentication process, you can give these users right to access SMS Gateway. You can use an SQL database, LDAP server or HTTP to manage the rights, and give permissions to your users.

sql user authentication
SQL user authentication
The SQL user authentication feature ensures the Database Authentication Provider feature which can be used to store user credentials in your SQL database. By this solution, you can compare the username and the hashed password in case of an login attempt with the database.
Check how to use SQL user authentication in SMS Gateway
ldap user authentication
LDAP user authentication
By checking this page, you can learn about how to authenticate the users registered in Microsoft Domain. Ozeki SMS Gateway provides the authentication of these users by using LDAP protocol that can reach the user database in Windows Server and check if the user is allowed to log in.
See how you can use LDAP protocol to authenticate users
http user authentication
HTTP user authentication
The HTTP user authentication option helps you to manage permissions with the HTTP Authentication Provider. This authentication service uses a HTTP webserver which will check the username and password and allow the user to log in.
Learn about how to use HTTP user authentication