How to install sms gateway on Android

This guide gives you the steps to installation of Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway on Android. This information is useful if you wish to install the software into an environment where you don't have Internet access, or your corporate firewall policy prevents software to communicate with the Internet. The installation is quite simple: you need to download the installation appk and follow the instructions on the screen.

How to install Ozeki on Android (Quick steps)

To install Ozeki on Android:

  1. Open the download page
  2. Download the Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway .apk installer file
  3. Open the downloaded apk file
  4. Select the INSTALL option to start the installation
  5. Click on Open when the installation is finished
  6. Allow the Ozeki SMS Gateway's permissons
  7. Write down the Desktop login URL
  8. Login to your mobile from your PC

Check how easy it is to set up Ozeki Installer!

This video will show you how you can install the Ozeki SMS Gateway to your android device. It will start with downloading the installer and end with a login page of a working copy of the program. You will learn how to start the application and how to access the login page. This process should not take more than 5 minutes. The video is only 80 seconds long, but very detailed. The Ozeki SMS Gateway android application has a very intuitive graphical user interface so you will have no problem with following the tutorial.

Step 1 - Download Ozeki Installer

The latest release of Ozeki Installer can be downloaded from the following Downloads page: To download the Installer in compressed format, you need to click on the com.ozeki.ozekismsgateway_10_xx_xxx.apk link as Figure 1 shows below. We recommend you to always download the latest version. This version always contains all the currently available features and improvements.

You may download Ozeki Installer from the link below.
Download Ozeki Installer

download ozeki sms gateway apk
Figure 1 - Download Ozeki SMS Gateway APK

Step 2 - Open the downloaded file

After you downloaded the .apk file, you have to open the apk file to be able to run the installer of the software. For that, tap on the Open at the bottom of the page (Figure 2).

open the downloaded file
Figure 2 - Open the downloaded file

Step 3 - Install Ozeki SMS Gateway

As soon as you clicked on the open, the installation process starts. In the new page select the Install option just like in Figure 3.

install the apk
Figure 3 - Install the APK

Step 4 - Start Ozeki SMS Gateway appliaction

After the installation process is finished Select the Open option as you can see in the Figure 4. Or browse the Ozeki application from your phone's application list and open it.

open the application after the installation
Figure 4 - Open the application after the installation

After the first start you need to allow the appliaction's permissons as the Figure 5 shows.

allow appliaction permissons
Figure 5 - Allow appliaction permissons

Step 5 - Open Ozeki SMS Gateway user interface

When the appliaction is started you can see the ip address and port where you can find the Ozeki SMS Gateway User interface. Below it you can find the Username and password for the firs login as you can see in the Figure 6.

sms gateway started
Figure 6 - SMS Gateway started

Finally if you open the user interface in the browser you will see the Ozeki SMS Gateway login page as the Figure 7 shows.

sms gateway gui started
Figure 7 - SMS Gateway GUI started