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How to install Ozeki SMS Gateway in Docker

This guide explains how you can setup Ozeki SMS Gateway using Docker in Ubuntu. The tutorial below presents all the steps and the necessary information to help you complete this procedure with ease. Ozeki SMS Gateway is a great tool that makes it possible to create great solutions in various environments. The advanced routing engine allows users to send SMS messages automatically on predetermined conditions. In this article you will find out how to install Ozeki SMS Gatway in Ubuntu through Docker in the terminal. This guide requires a basic understending of the terminal in Ubuntu. You will be provided step by step insturctions. We hope you find this article informative and helpful. Let's get it started!

What is Docker

Docker is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. Docker enables you to separate your applications from your infrastructure so you can deliver software quickly. With Docker, you can manage your infrastructure in the same ways you manage your applications.

What is Ozeki SMS Gateway

Ozeki SMS gateway has a world class SMS routing engine. This routing engine allows you to forward SMS mesages from one user or mobile network connection to another based on conditions you define. There are a large number of conditions, such as phone number prefix, message text matching, service period or time of day. In addition to routing by pattern matching, the SMS routing engine also allows you to modify the SMS text messages on the fly. You can replace the phone numbers, change the message text, append a note to the end of the messages.

How to install Ozeki SMS Gateway in Docker (Easy steps)

To install Ozeki SMS Gateway in Docker:

  1. Execute sudo docker pull ubuntu command
  2. Bring up file editor
  3. Create docker file
  4. Start Ozeki SMS Gateway installation
  5. Read Terminal message if SMS Gateway installed
  6. Run SMS Gateway container
  7. Check logs if service started
  8. Login to SMS Gateway

How to install Ozeki SMS Gateway in Docker (video tutorial)

This video tutorial shows you how you can setup Ozeki SMS Gateway in Docker. This is done through the terminal in Ubuntu. The video provides all the steps you need to successfully install Ozeki SMS Gateway. The process involves pulling an Ubuntu image, creating a docker file, then setting up Ozeki SMS Gateway. Once you have installed the program you may log in and use it from your browser.

Pull Ubuntu image

First step is to pull the Ubuntu image. Do this by typing the following command into the terminal: sudo docker pull ubuntu (Figure 1). Then, press the enter key to execute the command. This will download the latest Ubuntu image.

sudo docker pull ubuntu

pull ubuntu image
Figure 1 - Pull ubuntu image

Create Docker file

Next, we need to create the Docker file. Type the following command into the terminal sudo nano Dockerfile (Figure 2). Then, press the enter key to execute this command. This will bring up a file editor where we can paste the docker file content.

sudo nano Dockerfile

create docker file
Figure 2 - Create docker file

Docker file content

Paste the commands below into the file editor. Next, hit the enter key. This creates the docker file we need to build the SMS Gateway image.

FROM ubuntu
RUN  apt-get update \
  && apt-get install -y wget mono-complete libturbojpeg libportaudio2 xvfb \
  libspeexdsp1 libspeex1 fonts-symbola libv4l-0 unzip libnss3-tools \
  && wget https://sms.ozeki.hu/attachments/702/installlinux_1622547420_ozekismsgateway_10.3.113_all.deb \
  && mkdir -p /var/lib/ozeki/Data \
  && echo "abc123" | tee /var/lib/ozeki/Data/setuppassword.txt \
  && dpkg -i installlinux_1622547420_ozekismsgateway_10.3.113_all.deb \
  && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

docker file content
Figure 3 - Docker file content

Build SMS Gateway image

Type the following command into the terminal ssudo docker build -t sms-gateway . (Figure 4). Then, press enter to run this command. This will start installation process for Ozeki SMS Gateway.

sudo docker build -t sms-gateway .

build sms gateway image
Figure 4 - Build SMS Gateway image

SMS Gateway image created

Once the installation process is completed two messeages will appear in the terminal (Figure 5). Succesfully built e44dacb03f4f and Succesfully tagged sms-gateway:latest. These messages indicate that the SMS Gateway is now installed on your system. Now it is ready to launch.

sms gateway image created
Figure 5 - SMS Gateway image created

Run SMS Gateway container

Run SMS Gateway container by typing the following command into the terminal. sudo docker run -ti -p 9615:9515 -p 9616:9516 sms-gateway \ mono /usr/lib/ozeki/BaseSystem/v1.0.0/Ozeki_Starter.exe /run (Figure 6). Press the enter key to execute this command and start service.

sudo docker run -ti -p 9615:9515 -p 9616:9516 sms-gateway \
mono /usr/lib/ozeki/BaseSystem/v1.0.0/Ozeki_Starter.exe /run

run sms gateway container
Figure 6 - Run SMS Gateway container

SMS Gateway service started

After you ran SMS Gateway container a message will appear in the terminal once again (Figure 7). This message reads "System initialization completed". The message means that the service started successfully.

sms gateway service started
Figure 7 - SMS Gateway service started

Login to SMS Gateway

After the service started you can log into SMS Gateway from you browser. Start by typing https://localhost:9615 into the URL bar of your browser, then hit enter (Figure 8). You will be forwarded to a login screen. Enter admin into the first textbox, then enter the admin password into the second textbox. Click on Ok to log in.

login to sms gateway
Figure 8 - Login to SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway GUI accessible

After logging in, SMS Gateway GUI is now accessible on your system (Figure 9).

sms gateway gui accessible
Figure 9 - SMS Gateway GUI accessible


We did our very best to make it quick and simple to walk you through all the details. If you have followed the tutorial steps closely, you should be able to send sms using Ozeki SMS Gateway through Docker without problems. If you have already completed the steps you can now operate SMS Gateway from your system. If you would like to discover more useful insights about the advantages of other smiliar solutions, you can take a look at ozeki-sms-gateway.com. I hope this tutorial will be helpful to all the readers and especially to beginners.