How to find the delivery log of an SMS message

This guide explains where you can find the delivery history of a sent message. You will learn about the sent messages folder and how you can check the details of the delivery. This report contains information about the route of the message, what component took part during the process and the answer of the recipient if it submitted the message or not. For that procedure, the guide is going to use the default admin user. Finally you will find information about where you can find the communication logs of an SMS connection. So, let's get started.

What is sms log

The SMS log collects information about the SMS service provider's connections. This log includes information for SMS message delivery and about SMS delivery status reports.

What is sms logs

The SMS logs contain the following information: routing rule, name of the SMS service provider's connection, Transfer reference ID, Submit referenc, Delivery report, date and time in UTC format, App name (name of the app that triggered the SMS text message).

Example SMS log

06/10/2022 09:51:57 - Message request for delivery by admin@localhost
06/10/2022 09:51:57 - Routed. Rule: 'out_sms' To: 'Any_SMS_Connection'.
06/10/2022 09:51:57 - Sending. Route: out_sms,Any_SMS_Connection@localhost
06/10/2022 09:51:57 - Received by SMPP_client_1@localhost
06/10/2022 09:51:57 - PDU submitted successfully: UD: Hello World!. Transfer reference ID: 2081783345
06/10/2022 09:51:57 - Submit accepted at SMPP_client_1@localhost. Submit reference: 2081783345
06/10/2022 09:52:25 - Delivery report received with delivered status. 'Delivered; To: +36251445874; 
At: 2022-10-06 09:52:00; Ref: 2081783345; id:2081783345 sub:000 dlvrd:001 submit 
date:2210060951 done date:2210060952 stat:DELIVRD err: text:'

Step 1 - Select the admin user

Lunch the dashboard of the Ozeki SMS gateway server software. Select Admin user from the right side of the screen (Figure 1).

select the admin user in sms gateway
Figure 1 - Select the admin user in SMS Gateway

Step 2 - Send the test message

From the Admin user you can send SMS message. Provide the recipient address, the message and click on the OK button (Figure 2).

message composer page of admin user
Figure 2 - Message composer page of admin user

Step 3 - Message in sent folder

After it in the sent folder you can see the message. Thus the phone number of the sender and the recipient, the text of the message, and the time of sending (Figure 3).

message in sent folder
Figure 3 - Message in sent folder

Step 4 - Message in sent folder

By clicking on the message you can see the details of it. You can still have further information if you click on "Delivery history" tab.

message delivery history
Figure 4 - Message delivery history

Step 5 - Detailed delivery report of the message

If the service provider send back the Delivery report for the message you can see this information here.

delivery report received
Figure 5 - Delivery report received

Step 6 - Message in the connection's log

To get more detailed information about how a message was sent through a connection, you can read the detailed log of the connection that was used to submit the messages. To this, you must open the details page of the connection and select the Events tab. This tab page contains the last 100 log messages, and the file name of the log file. To read the full log, copy the log file's location and use notepad to open the file (Figure 6).

copy log file path
Figure 6 - Copy Log file path

Paste the path into windows explorer and press enter (Figure 7).

paste the path in the windows explorer
Figure 7 - Paste the path in the windows explorer

Windows explorer will open notepad and display the contents of the logfile.

the file is open in the notepad
Figure 8 - The file is open in the notepad


Can I change the time setting after which messages that got no delivery report are removed from the list?

No, modification of this feature is not currently supported.

How can I reset the delivery report registry queue?

This message queue does not currently offer a direct reset function. However, deleting messages from the "sent items" folder will also remove them from this queue automatically. This behavior ensures consistency between your message history and the queue entries.