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How to trace SMPP traffic in Wireshark

1.) Download wireshark

With Wireshark you can follow and save the network traffic passing through network cards. First, please download Wireshark from https://www.wireshark.org/#download page as you can see in the Figure 1.

download wireshark
Figure 1 - Download Wireshark

2.) Install wireshark

As soon as you started the installer .exe file, the installer starts with a welcome screen (Figure 2). All you have to do here is to click Next to continue the installation.

install wireshark
Figure 2 - Install Wireshark

3.) Start the capture

After you installed the Wireshark, in the opening page select the network interface via which you wish to capture the network traffic as the Figure 3 shows.

select interface
Figure 3 - Select Interface

You can start the traffic capturing process with click on the blue wireshark icon in the upper left of the page as you can see in the Figure 4.

start capture
Figure 4 - Start Capture

4.) Filter for SMPP protocol

You can filter the SMPP communication from the traffic if you type smpp in the "Apply a display filter" line as the Figure 5 shows.

filter smpp
Figure 5 - Filter SMPP

5.) Open an SMPP PDU

After you filtered out the SMPP communication you are able to open any SMPP PDU to see its content as you can see in the Figure 6.

open smpp pdu
Figure 6 - Open SMPP PDU

6.) Follow TCP stream

You can follow the whole TCP communication for an SMPP message by right click on an SMPP PDU and than select the Follow/TCP Stream option.

follow tcp stream
Figure 7 - Follow TCP stream

After it you will see the whole SMPP communication for the message in one page at the Figure 8 shows.

tcp stream
Figure 8 - TCP stream

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