SMS Messenger

Ozeki SMS Messenger is a SMS text messaging software to send SMS to your entire contact list and personalize your messages using custom fields. The SMS messenger has intuitive user interface, so you can start to use for sending multiple SMS messages immediately. To achieve this functionality you need to install standard user in the Ozeki SMS Gateway, login as a standard user, then you can start sending group text messages.

What is SMS Messenger?

Ozeki SMS Messenger is a software application designed to facilitate efficient and effective text messaging communication. It serves as a tool within the broader Ozeki SMS Gateway system, which specializes in managing SMS interactions and communication channels. Ozeki SMS Messenger allows users to compose, send, and receive text messages, providing features like message history tracking, status updates, and notifications. It's commonly used in various industries and contexts where reliable SMS communication is essential, such as marketing campaigns, customer support, and notifications.

Send SMS text message with Ozeki SMS Messenger (Video tutorial)

In the following video, you will learn about how you can setup Standard user in the Ozeki SMS Gateway server software and start using the SMS Messenger with sending your first short text message. The video is a little shorter than 1 minute but it contains all necessary information to be able to do it alone.

Video 1 - Setup Standard SMS User and start to send SMS with Ozeki SMS Messenger

How to send SMS with an Ozeki Messenger (Quick steps)

To send SMS with an Ozeki Messenger:
  1. Open Ozeki SMS Gateway on your desktop
  2. Add new user in the SMS Gateway software
  3. Install Standard user
  4. Enter username and password
  5. Login as standard user
  6. Open SMS Messenger
  7. Type in the recipient's phone number and compose the message
  8. Click on "Ok" to send out the sms message
  9. Check the log file

Step 1 - Add new user or application

To initiate the procedure, sign in to your Ozeki SMS Gateway account. If you haven't acquired an Ozeki account yet, you can obtain the Ozeki SMS Gateway app from website. Upon successful login, access the Home page of the gateway. Choose the "Add new user/application..." option from the Management panel to add new user.

add new user
Figure 1 - Add new user

Install standard user

Setting up the Standard User involves installing it through the General section. To proceed with the installation of the Standard User, simply click on the "Install" link situated next to it. This straightforward action will effectively establish the Standard User for your personal use. Once the installation is complete, you'll have the Standard User ready to be utilized according to your needs.

install standard user
Figure 2 - Install standard user

Set up Standard user login information, so you can access it with login data. Enter a Username and Password to it. Once you've entered the Username and Password, you'll have successfully set up the login information for the Standard User, ensuring secure and personalized access.

configure user
Figure 3 - Configure user

You can now effortlessly log in as the standard user in the Ozeki SMS Gateway. Simply input the established Username and Password on the login page to access the standard user account. Upon successfully logging in as the standard user, you'll gain access to a range of features and tools tailored to your needs, ensuring a seamless and productive user experience.

login as standard user
Figure 4 - Login as standard user

Navigate to the Start menu of the Ozeki SMS Gateway and choose the "SMS Messenger" icon. This will open Ozeki SMS Messenger.

open sms messenger
Figure 5 - Open SMS Messenger

By clicking on the "New" button, cerate an SMS message in Ozeki Gateway. Add your recipient's mobile phone number and formulate the text message in the appropriate cells. After entering these details, click on the "Ok" button to start the process of delivery.

send sms message
Figure 6 - Send SMS message

You will have access to a message delivery history as soon as your message is delivered. This history gives you information on the status of your SMS, including notifications and and updates regarding its progress. This amount of insight into the route taken by your message improves your ability to manage communication successfully.

sms message sent
Figure 7 - SMS Message sent


What is an SMS Gateway?

The interchange of SMS (Short Message Service) messages across various telecommunications networks, such as mobile networks and computer systems, is made possible by an SMS Gateway, which is a software- or hardware-based platform. It serves as a bridge, facilitating message translation across various protocols and formats to allow for smooth communication. SMS Gateways are necessary for many services, including notifications, marketing campaigns, and automated alerts, since they serve a critical role in enabling apps to send and receive SMS messages.

What is the difference between SMS gateway and SMSC?

A more general term known as an SMS Gateway refers to both software and hardware solutions that are used to transmit and receive SMS messages between different networks, including apps and mobile devices. On the other hand, an SMSC (Short Message Service Center) is a specialized term for the central component of a mobile network that manages routing, storing, and delivering SMS messages. Although an SMSC is a part of an SMS Gateway, the phrase "SMS Gateway" refers to a broader range of operations, including interaction with other applications, message formatting, and other things.

Is SMS gateway an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) can be made available as one of an SMS Gateway's features. The API enables programmatic SMS sending, receiving, and administration as well as access to services like message tracking and delivery status, allowing developers to link their applications with the capabilities of the SMS Gateway.


Ozeki SMS Gateway is a reliable software program created to provide effective and reliable SMS communication. Ozeki SMS Messenger, a key component of the Ozeki SMS Gateway system, is presented on this guide. Users have the ability to send SMS messages to anyone on their contact list and customize messages thanks to the SMS Messenger. They can quickly start sending multiple SMS messages thanks to its simple interface. People may take use of Ozeki SMS Messenger's capabilities to improve engagement, simplify SMS communication, and ensure efficient messaging processes by learning how to use its features.