SMS Messenger

Ozeki SMS Messenger is a SMS text messaging software to send SMS to your entire contact list and personalize your messages using custom fields. The SMS messenger has intuitive user interface, so you can start to use for sending multiple SMS messages immediately. To achieve this functionality you need to install standard user in the Ozeki SMS Gateway, login as a standard user, then you can start sending group text messages.

Send SMS text message with Ozeki SMS Messenger (Video tutorial)

In the following clip, you will learn about how you can setup Standard user in the Ozeki SMS Gateway server software and start using the SMS Messenger with sending your first short text message. The video is a little shorter than 1 minute but it contains all necessary information to be able to do it alone.

Video 1 - Setup Standard SMS User and start to send SMS with Ozeki SMS Messenger

How to send SMS with an Ozeki Messenger (Easy guidelines)

To send SMS with an Ozeki Messenger:
  1. Open Ozeki SMS Gateway on your desktop
  2. Add new user in the SMS Gateway software
  3. Install Standard user
  4. Enter username and password
  5. Login as standard user
  6. Open SMS Messenger
  7. Type in the recipient's phone number and compose the message
  8. Click Ok to send out the sms message
  9. Check the log file

Step 1 - Add new user or application

To start installing and configuring a standard user, click the Add new user/application... link in the upper right corner of the SMS Gateway's Management Console (Figure 1).

add new user
Figure 1 - Add new user

Install standard user

The Standard User can be find under the General section of the add user or application list. Click the Install link next to Standard user.

install standard user
Figure 2 - Install standard user

configure user
Figure 3 - Configure user

login as standard user
Figure 4 - Login as standard user

open sms messenger
Figure 5 - Open SMS Messenger

send sms message
Figure 6 - Send SMS message

sms message sent
Figure 7 - SMS Message sent