Linux SMS gateway

The Linux SMS Gateway software enables you to route SMS text messages automatically. It is two way SMS Gateway so you can send and receive SMS text messages. You can connect to the mobile network with a mobile phone (or GSM modem) attached to your PC, or an IP SMS link over the Internet directly to the Mobile Network Operator.

If you use this Linux operating system, the operation with the Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway is possible together with Mono Framework after installing both programs in your system.

linux sms gateway
Figure 1 - Linux SMS Gateway

Linux SMS Gateway software
The Linux SMS Gateway makes it possible to send and receive SMS text messages, whilst connected directly to the SMSC via Internet or with a GSM mobile phone attached to the PC/Laptop. With the text message software, you can build a bulk SMS messaging system on Linux. The Linux SMS gateway software works on Ubuntu and Debian. Ozeki SMS Gateway for Linux is the best software for those who want to provide SMS services for their company and/or their customers and business partners!
Linux SMS Gateway software
Linux SMS gateway installing on Ubuntu Linux
The next guide is about to demonstrate how you can set up Ozeki Installer on your Linux operating system. This product is a great app store that allows you to get any Ozeki product that you want by just one click. The installation process will take about 10 minutes.
How to install Linux SMS gateway on Ubuntu Linux
Linux SMS gateway installing on Ubuntu Linux (Standalone)
This article is a detailed guide on how to install Ozeki SMS Gateway on Ubuntu Linux. In this tutorial we are going to be going over every step required to complete the installation successfully. This process requires the Ubuntu operating system to be installed on your device.
Install Ozeki SMS Gateway on Ubuntu Linux
Connect your SMS gateway to the mobile network
To connect your SMS gateway to the mobile network you have various options. You can connect wirelessly the same way as mobile phones connect. You can connect to the SMSC of a mobile network operator over the Internet using the SMPP, UCP or CIMD2 protocol or you can use an on-line http sms service.
Connect your Linux SMS gateway to the mobile network
Linux SMS Developers Guide
The Ozeki SMS Gateway allows for sms developers to use sms api software for short message sending and receiving. You can use it to integrate and quickly deploy SMS messaging solutions. It can operate in your server computer, or you can install it on your customers' or suppliers' system.
SMS APIs for Linux Developers
Setup an SQL to SMS gateway on Linux
The following guide provides you information about how you can send and receive messages from an SQL database server with the help of Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway as a Linux SMS Gateway. This document divided into 3 main segments: First the supported database servers are listed.
Setup an SQL to Linux SMS gateway