C# SMS API send sms

To send an SMS with the C# SMS API first you need to connect to the sms gateway. Once the C# sms api is connected, you need to compose an OzxMessage and pass it to the Client.Send() method.

C# sms api send sms call
Figure 1 - C# sms api send sms method

The C#/.Net SMS api send method

To send an sms from the C#/.Net SMS api use the send method

  • Step 1: Create a new SMS message, specify the recipient address and the message text
  • Step 2: Record the SMS message ID for later
  • Step 3: Send the sms from the C#/Net sms client by calling the send method

C# sms api send sms example:

var msg = new OzxMessage();
msg.ToAddress = recipient;
msg.Text = message;

Console.WriteLine("Sending message. ID: "+msg.ID);

Note, that when you create the SMS message by using the "var msg = new OzxMessage();" call a message ID is automatically assigned to the SMS. This messages ID is used in sms submit reports, sms failed reports and sms delivery reports to identify the message.

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