C# SMS API submit successful

SMS submitted successfully in the C# SMS API means that the SMS messages was successfully sent to the mobile network by the Ozeki SMS gateway. This SMS submit successful event occurs if the SMS gateway receives an SMS submit report from the network.

C# sms api successful sms submit
Figure 1 - C# sms api successful sms submit

The C#/.Net SMS api sms submitted successfully event

If an sms is sent by the C# SMS api the confirmation that the SMS was delivered to the mobile network is indicated in the form of the SMS submit successful event. Your C#/.Net sms client will receive this event without any delay after the mobile network return an SMS submit successful report.

To handle the OnMessageSubmitSuccess event in your C# SMS API class use these steps:

  • Write the C# event handler for the OnMessageAcceptedForDelivery event
  • Send an SMS in your C# sms api host application, and record the sms message ID
  • Process the incoming OnMessageAcceptedForDelivery event using the sms messages ID in your C# sms api code

C# sms api submit successful example:

Client.OnMessageSubmitSuccess += Client_OnMessageSubmitSuccess;

static void Client_OnMessageSubmitSuccess(object sender, OzxArgs<string, DateTime> e)
    Console.WriteLine("Message submitted. ID: "+e.Item1+" Date: "+e.Item2);

If you use an SMPP client to send the SMS messages to the mobile network, the SMS submit success event happens, when the SMPP server returns an SUBMIT_SM_RESP pdu. The event handler you write when you sign up to this event in the C# sms api, will receive the SMS messages ID and the SMS submit time stamp.

If you use the C# SMS API with an Android SMS Gateway, you will receive this event when the SMS messages leaves the SMS Server running on the Android phone. In other words your C# sms api will be notified when the SMS is accepted by the GSM base station.

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