C#/.Net SMS API - short code

The C# SMS API can be used to send SMS messages with a short code sender ID. You can specify the short code in the FromAddress property of the SMS message. If an SMS is sent using a short code, the SMS Gateway will encode the number as a local digits only number.

How to send an SMS with an short code sender ID in C# sms api

To send an SMS using a short code sender ID from the C# sms api follow these instructions:

  • Create a new instance of the SMS message class (provided by the C# sms api)
  • Set the from address field to the short code
  • Send the sms by calling the client.send method

C# sms api short code example:

var msg = new OzxMessage();
msg.FromAddress = "1234";
msg.ToAddress = "This is an SMS from a short code";
msg.Text = "+3620111111111";


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