What is an Alphanumeric Sender ID?

Alphanumeric Sender ID is the sender telephone number, that contains characters instead of number. This technology allows you to display your company name or brand when you send an SMS from Ozeki SMS Gateway. When the recipient reads the message she/he will not see a sender telephone number. Instead she/he will see that the messages came from the company (or brand). The sender ID text will be displayed as the sender phone number.

What kind of characters can be used?

An alphanumeric Sender ID can include both uppercase and lowercase ASCII characters. You can use letters and digits: A-Z, a-z, 0-9.

Can the SMS sender ID contain spaces?

The short answer is no. You cannot use any special characters such as a hyphen, or space: -. The SMS standard does not allow you to use any special characters. Even characters in the GSM 7 bit alphabet are prohibited. Unfortunately there are no imaginative ways to create visual interest. Even if you use Ozeki SMS Gateway, you cannot send other characters.

What is the maximum length of an alphanumeric sender ID?

The maximum length of an alphanumeric Sender IDs is 11 characters.

Can I use alphanumeric sender ID for phone calls?

Alphanumeric sender IDs are only supported by SMS messages in the mobile telephone network. For VoIP telephone networks, you can use alphanumeric caller ID-s. Ozeki phone system and Ozeki voip sip sdk support alphanumeric caller ID-s.

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