Autoreply SMS messages

Ozeki SMS Gateway can be configured to replay to incoming SMS messages automatically. To achieve this goal, it offers multiple options. The autoreply easy option will return a response SMS to every message received. The Autoreply by script option allows you to write a script, and create a reply and to create and send new messages when an incoming SMS arrives.

Autoreply Easy
Ozeki SMS Gateway's Autoreply Easy User can reply to every incoming SMS message with a text of your choice. A txt file stores the text, so you can modify it from your own application or from Ozeki SMS Gateway. This guide explains how to install and configure your Autoreply Easy User.

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Autoreply by Script
Ozeki SMS Gateway's Autoreply User can automatically reply to SMS messages or forward incoming messages. This guide explains how to install and configure an Autoreply User on Ozeki SMS Gateway. Each Autoreply User is controlled by their own script. You will see example scripts too by reading this guide.

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Autoreply from Database
Ozeki SMS Gateway's Autoreply Database User can connect to your SQL database with a connection string. It runs any SELECT query you provide, after receiving an SMS message. The result set of the query will be sent as outgoing messages. The queries can also be modified from your own application.

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Are there any threats with autoresponding systems?

Yes, the biggest threat is a message loop.

In the world of SMS, this can happen between automated systems (like autoresponders) accidentally triggering a message loop. This loop can lead to a massive surge in text messages and hefty phone bills for everyone involved.

Here's a resource for more information on message loops:

Luckily, Ozeki SMS Gateway has a built-in safety feature to prevent message loops. It acts like a guardian, stopping you from sending the same message to the same phone number more than 10 times within an hour. This clever feature helps avoid accidental loops and keeps your phone bill under control.

Can I query a database and return data in a response SMS?


For automatic replies to incoming SMS messages, consider setting up a database user within your SMS gateway software. This allows you to create custom responses based on the content of the received message.

You can find more information about this approach at:

Can I return a webpage if I receive a certain keyword?

You cannot return a webpage, but you can return a link to a webpage.

Imagine a service that delivers a webpage link directly to a mobile phone! This can be a convenient way to direct users to specific information or promotions. Here's how you can potentially create such a service:

One method involves using a message type called WAP Push. This technology allows you to transmit a webpage URL to a mobile device. The phone can then automatically detect and open the link, seamlessly directing the user to the intended webpage. While WAP Push is an option, it's important to consider its limitations. Modern mobile devices might not always handle WAP Push messages as efficiently.

For a potentially smoother user experience, explore alternative solutions. You could send SMS messages containing shortened URLs. These shortened URLs, often generated by free online services, provide a more user-friendly way to access the webpage. Another option is to use QR codes (those scannable blocky images) within your SMS message. By scanning the QR code with their phone's camera, users can instantly access the webpage. The best approach depends on your specific needs and target audience. Researching these options will help you choose the most suitable method for delivering webpage links directly to mobile phones.

Can I send automatic reply messages to an incoming SMS message?

Yes, you can.

Imagine receiving SMS messages and automatically responding based on specific keywords within those messages! This feature is available in many SMS gateway software solutions. Here's how it works:

  • Automatic Replies: You can configure the software to send a pre-defined reply message whenever it receives an incoming SMS containing a specific keyword. This allows for automated responses to frequently asked questions or basic inquiries.
  • Keyword Recognition: The software can be programmed to recognize specific keywords within the incoming SMS message. Based on the identified keyword, it can trigger the corresponding pre-defined reply message.
While specific implementation details will vary between software solutions, there are two common user types:
  • Autoreply User: This is a simpler option that might allow setting up basic automatic replies based on keywords.
  • Autoreply Database User: This option might offer more advanced features, potentially allowing you to connect to a database and dynamically generate reply messages based on the incoming message and database information.
By exploring these functionalities within your SMS gateway software, you can create automated and intelligent responses to incoming SMS messages.