Send SMS from Oracle SQL (part 4/4)

This is the last video in this video series which shows how to connect Ozeki SMS Gateway and Oracle SQL database server for SMS messaging. See how to insert a simple row into the proper table, so Ozeki SMS Gateway can automatically send SMS messages to mobile phones.

Video content
1. Execute SQL command
2. Check sent message

Look at the upcoming screenshots to thoroughly examine the final stage, which is SMS sending.

To test your system, you could send a test message directly from the Ozeki SMS Gateway. The first step, is to look at Figure 1. There you can see a code snippet copied into the field, where you can execute SQL Statements from. We provide you a copiable code for you, which you need to paste into the field and execute it. You could modify the code by typing a different phone number into the VALUE statement, or even a different message. It will send it to your chosen phone number.

INSERT INTO ozekimessageout (receiver, msg, status) VALUES ('+447951234567', 'test','send')

use insert statement to send message
Figure 1 - Use INSERT statement to send message

After you executed the statement, you could check your outgoing messages. You will see the test message there. You can see our example test message is sent, on Figure 2. You can see the phone number of the receiver, the creation time of the message and the sender’s address here.

the sent folder stores each sent message with details
Figure 2 - The Sent folder stores each sent message with details

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