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Developers can use our C# SMS API to send SMS from C#.Net. The C# SMS API comes with full source code

The ozeki PHP SMS gateway software can be used to send SMS from PHP and to receive SMS usig PHP on your website

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SMS service providers use our SMPP gateway solution, that offers a high performance SMPP server and SMPP client gateway with amazing routing capabilities
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SMS from/to MSSQL

You can use Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Express for sending and receiving SMS. Follow this page to send or receive SMS messages through Ozeki SMS Gateway's Database User. All you have to do is insert or read data rows from the appropriate SQL table by setting INSERT INTO and SELECT statements. The solution uses Ozeki SMS Gateway installed on your PC. This solution is divided into 4 sections:

MSSQL Installation
Create the database tables for SMS sending and receiving
Setup the MSSQL connection in Ozeki
Send a test SMS message

Please make sure you read the general SQL to SMS howto before continuing.

To use this messaging function, please install and configure Ozeki SMS Gateway. After software configuration, please open it's management consol so you can install a database user. You will be able to send and receive SMS messages with an SQL Express database server. It is required to add the database connection type as seen in the examples on this page. In SQL Express you should provide the following parameters:

create database and tables
Figure 1 - Create database and tables

select add new user or application
Figure 2 - Select 'Add new user or application'

install sql messaging user
Figure 3 - Install SQL Messaging User

install ms sql express connection
Figure 4 - Install MS SQL Express connection

define the ms sql express database connection details
Figure 5 - Define the MS SQL Express database connection details

enable ms sql express connection
Figure 6 - Enable MS SQL Express connection

insert message to the database table
Figure 7 - Insert message to the database table

sms message sent
Figure 8 - SMS message sent

Congratulation for configuring a database user! Now you should create a database layout by using SQL Express. Receiving and sending text messages will work on separate SQL tables ('ozekimessagein' and 'ozekimessageout'). You can control these tables by using the INSERT and SELECT statements. To create a database layout, please open a windows command prompt and run 'cmd.exe' to start the SQL Command interpreter.

SQL Express will start running, so you can type your statements in the command interpreter. If the command interpreter cannot connect to SQL Express, please read How to connect to SQL Express using the SQL command line utility. Please type the following statements to create tables and add 'sysadmin' rights to your database user (Figure 1). Although you can give any table name you wish.


USE ozeki

CREATE TABLE ozekimessagein (
 id int IDENTITY (1,1),
 sender varchar(255),
 receiver varchar(255),
 msg nvarchar(160),
 senttime varchar(100),
 receivedtime varchar(100),
 operator varchar(30),
 msgtype varchar(30),
 reference varchar(30),

CREATE TABLE ozekimessageout (
 id int IDENTITY (1,1),
 sender varchar(255),
 receiver varchar(255),
 msg nvarchar(160),
 senttime varchar(100),
 receivedtime varchar(100),
 operator varchar(100),
 msgtype varchar(30),
 reference varchar(30),
 status varchar(30),
 errormsg varchar(250)


sp_addLogin 'ozekiuser', 'ozekipass'

sp_addsrvrolemember 'ozekiuser', 'sysadmin'
Figure 1 - CREATE TABLE statement. It also adds rights to 'ozekiuser'

Later on you can use the command prompt to modify the size or data type of the SMS messages.

Now you are ready to send your first SMS message by inserting a record into 'ozekimessageout'.
Use the following SQL statement example:

insert into ozekimessageout (receiver,msg,status) values ("+44111223465","Hello

Tip: SQL Express is free and can be downloaded from the following URL:

Trouble shooting

In some systems it is harder to connect to SQL Express. If this is the case you can see the following error message:
ERROR 6001: Database connection error: The 'SQLNCLI' provider is not registered on the local machine..

SQLNCLI should be installed with SQL Express. This error shows that it is not installed on your machine. Please try to change the provider to 'sqloledb', so you can use OLE DB. By changing the provider the connections string changes as well:

Connection type:


Connection string:

Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;User ID=ozekiuser;
password=ozekipass;Database=ozeki;Persist Security Info=True

Or change the whole connection type to:


and use the following connection string:

Driver={SQLServer};Server=.\SQLEXPRESS;User ID=ozekiuser;
password=ozekipass;Database=ozeki;Persist Security Info=True;

Or change the whole connection type to:


and use the following connection string:

Server=.\SQLEXPRESS;User ID=ozekiuser;password=ozekipass;
Database=ozeki;Persist Security Info=True;

One of the 3 strings above should fix this ERROR.

Microsoft SQL Server 2019

Try the following string if you need to connect to Microsoft SQL Server 2019:

Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Data Source=YourHostName;Persist Security 
Info=False;Integrated Security=SSPI;User ID=UserName;
Password=User'sPassword;Initial Catalog=DatabaseName

How to test sms sending with your SQL server

If you wish to test SMS functinality without actually connecting to the mobile network, you have two options: You can use the built in sms tester connection or you can setup two sms gateways to have a more realistic testing environment. The first option is an excellent choice for performance testing. The second option is better because it allows you to test all apsects of mobile messaging.

If you setup two sms gateways, you need to configure the first SMS gateway as an SMPP simulator. This SMS gateway will provide SMPP server service to the second SMS gateway. It will operate the same way the SMSC of a mobile network operator would operate. The second SMS gateway will connect to the first using an SMPP client connection, and it will provide SQL to SMS service to your applications.

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