Change the message

This guide is going to demonstrate how you can manipulate messages using the SMS routing rules of the SMS Gateway. The routing rules are used in the system to direct the messages between connections. You can setup rules to take a message form one connection and to pass it to another connection. For example you can forward in incoming e-mail messages from an e-mail connection to an SMS connection and send it to a mobile phone as SMS. A routing rule is also great tool to manipulate a message. This guide shows how to modify the sender or recipient phone number, or how you can modify the message text. So, let's start right now!

change sms recipient
Change SMS recipient
SMS Gateway routing rules allow you to do some modification in the messages. One of them is that you can change the recipient phone number of the message. It can be useful when you have got a new phone number and you would like to redirect the messages that still to be delivered to your old phone number to that new phone number.
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change sms sender
Change SMS sender
The following guide is going to show you how you can change and manipulate the sender phone number of an outgoing message in the SMS Gateway. By changing the sender phone number and define a new phone number, you can ensure that every outgoing message is going to have the same predefined phone number as a sender address.
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regexp manipulation
Regexp manipulation
The regular expressions can be great if you would like to modify some details of the sender or recipient phone number but still keep the original phone number as well. This guide demonstrates how you can add prefix, remove or replace some numbers of the sender or recipient phone number.
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change sms text
Change SMS text
By following the link to this guide, you will be able to learn about how you can change the text of an outgoing message. By performing this action, all of your outgoing message going to have got the same text since the routing rule replace the original text with the predefined text message.
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add text to your messages
Append SMS message
You can learn about how you can add text to your outgoing message but keeping the original text too at the same time. Appending the message is quite useful when you are using a template for your messages and you wouldn't like to type it in every message. By applying this setting, the routing rule appends the message by the specified text.
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swap sender and recipient
Swap sender and recipient
This solution allows you to create an autoresponding service using your routing rules. By activating this modification, you can create a two way communication by both the sender and the recipient receives a message. You can replace the original message as well with a response message.
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