Benefits of Alphanumeric sender IDs

Avoid spam lists

Many mobile network operators and government agencies filter unwanted SMS messages. Application originated (AO) sms messages with standard Sender IDs increasingly become a victim of such filters. SMS messages sent using alphanumeric sender IDs often avoid such lists. In some countries alphanumeric sender IDs need to be registered, in others they simply do not match the spam filter rules. If you send your marketing messages using alphanumeric sender IDs your service will less likely end up on one of those spam filters. When you use Ozeki SMS Gateway for your marketing campaigns, it is a good idea to configure an alphanumeric sender ID instead of using a standard phone number. Note that SMS short codes give you an even better performance in this aspect.

Better company name or brand name recognition

Brand recognition is great if you use alphanumeric sender IDs. Recipients your business name or brand name for every SMS sent. This is significantly better then presenting them with a set of digits. We recommend you to use Alphanumeric Sender ID to improve brand recogintion.

Improved open rates

Customers who receive a lot of spam, often don't open a text messages. If you send your SMS with alphanumeric sender ID, there is a better chance for them to open your text. By recognizing the name, customers will now that they have received valuable information from a trustworthy source.

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